Property Management Software

From lease application to move-out, RentPost streamlines property management so you can accomplish more in less time, giving you the freedom to focus on what you love.

Everything you expect and so much more

At the core - a few of the basic necessities...

Contact Management
Let's be real, property management involves a lot of different parties. That's why RentPost supports all of your contact types - tightly integrated throughout the system.
Task Management
Whether you're adding a simple to-do item for yourself, or a scheduled event for a colleague, RentPost equips you with the tools to stay on task.
Document Storage
No more searching for documents! RentPost allows you to upload and associate all your documents directly with each entity, so they're always where you expect them.

Trust Accounting

At the core, RentPost is trust accounting software. Whether you're a single owner, or a professional management company with hundreds of owners - each of your owner accounts maintain their own trust balance.

Accounts Receivable and Payables

Full double entry ledgers

Management and trust "books" with custom chart of accounts

Income statements, rent rolls, owner statements, aged receivables and much more!

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Invite everyone to participate

Invite your tenants and give them their own portal with access to all of their rental details, payment history and more. Tenants can:
Pay rent online with credit card or bank account.
Submit and communicate on maintenance requests.
Send messages to management.
Invite rental applicants to complete lease applications online through a fully customizable lease application.
Get credit and background check screening reports.
Allow applicants to add all their information, other signers and occupants.
Convert applicants into active tenants while maintaining all their information.
Keep your owners informed with their own access to their properties and financial details. Owners can:
See and download generated owner's statements.
View their properties, tenants and payment history.
Get reports on revenue and expenses, management fees and distributions.
Communicate with management through messaging.
nvite other colleagues to help manage your properties. Everyone has the latest information - no more yelling down the hall to Suzy.
Collaborate together on tenant
Assign tasks and todos for each other.
Get details into actions taken by other colleagues.
Access to all other management features.
Maintenance Personnel
nvite your maintenance staff to help manage all aspects of your maintenance operations. Maintenance can:
Limited access to collaborate and manage work orders.
Ability to see basic property and tenant information to communicate with tenants on maintenance requests.
Assign work orders, attach photos, documents, associate expenses and more.
Have outside vendors? You can assign specific work orders to them directly. Vendors can:
View all the details of a work order, including attached photos.
Add comments and details regarding the issue.
Update the status within your customized workflow.

Ease of use is not a feature,
it’s the base layer

It's easy to take for granted an application that's intuitive. At RentPost, simplicity and ease of use are our guiding principals. All features and functionality start here first.

Hear what our customers have to say

Founded in 2009, thousands of property managers have entrusted RentPost to simplify their lives.

I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Landcome Rentals
I feel so much more in control now. I wish I had found rentpost sooner.
Lisa McWorther


Landcome Rentals
You guys rock!
Matthew Tortoriello


Yellow Brick Property
Wow am I glad I found you guys, love the way everything works!
Thomas Grady


South Hampton Properties
Thanks - you guys are amazingly responsive... that is worth it's weight in gold.
CJ Williams


RedDoor Property Group, LLC
The software is so user friendly and easy to use, I love it!
Kelly Garber


GJC Real Estate Group
I can manage pre-leases while new housing options are still in the development stage.
Chase Lawrence


CollegeTown Properties
RentPost combined the transparency my tenants and I need with a well-organized interface.
David Black


Onyx Property Management
After migrating to RentPost, the hours we spent collecting rent took a nosedive.
Jim Flannery


Four Athens

Contact Management (CRM)

Tenants, Prospects, Owners, Vendors, Managers, and general Contacts can all be organized and managed together.

No limitations on contacts of any kind. Your Pro subscription gets you unlimited access.

All contacts have their own associated notes, documents, tags, customizable fields, and more.

Easily access contact profiles anywhere a name is listed (even reports), or by using our Universal Search

Ownerership Flexibility

Add as many owner accounts as you need, whether it’s just yourself or hundreds of clients for whom you manage property.

Setup a portal account for each owner to view their finances, statements, reports and more.

Add management fee structures for automatically calculating your management fees and distributions.

Task Management

With everything going on, it's easy to forget about the little things. Don't let those slip through the cracks - manage all your tasks alongside the rest of your business.

Create todos for yourself and others on your team.

Maintain scheduled tasks for everyone.

Document Storage

Tightly integrated into virtually all aspects of your workflows, documents serve to complement your processes and live next to everything that's relevant - no more fishing around for docs.

Store all of your relevant documents, with virtually any entity, for fast accessibility and lookup.

Share documents with tenants and owners, so they can view them within their account.

View documents directly in the app, no download required. Only download if you need.

Rename them, regroup them, trash them, and even restore from the trash. Documents are integral - we thought they should be extremely easy to access and organize.

Get up and running in no time

We offer free onboarding and training support for all new accounts, regardless of how many units you're managing. We'll help you import your existing data as well.


When you need help we're here for you

Unlimited support is included with every Pro subscription - as it should be.

Live Chat Support
Chat with RentPost agents in real time using our live chat feature.
Phone Support
Sometimes chat isn't cutting it. That's okay, we're available by phone as well.
Help Center
Access getting started and how-to guides, frequently asked questions, videos, and much more.
Data Import
Forget the data-entry hassle with getting started. Use our import template to import all your units, tenants, and leases.
While RentPost is very user-friendly and you can probably figure out 95% of things, we offer free training sessions for the rest.


Communicating with all the relevant parties can sometimes be overwhelming. RentPost's messaging keeps all your conversations in one place.

Send and receive messages from all your tenants, owners and fellow managers.

Keep your communications in one place.

Include multiple people in the conversation - make it a group chat.